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What seeds are you planting?

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Areas of Expertise


Every one of us has an operating system that functions outside of our awareness and deeply impacts our well-being. I help my clients learn about their own operating system and how to fix what isn’t working. Through a combination of psycho ed, insight, and behavioral changes, my clients leave therapy as experts in themselves and masters in how to create their perfect life.


As it turns out, falling in love and having great sex are the least important indications of long-term happiness. Happy couples work together to create something greater than themselves and are always growing together and learning from each other. I help couples deepen their connection by finding new and dynamic ways to support each and co create a better future.


Many families repeat generational patterns of dysfunction without knowing how to stop the madness. I help families stop negative patterns by creating a plan that strikes the perfect balance between independence and connection for each family member. When everyone is working toward the same goal, families can go from destructive to loving and supportive.


 Unfortunately, children don’t come with a manual to tell us how to prepare them for the world. I help parents create a long-term parenting plan that takes into consideration their child’s unique temperament, developmental stages, and the qualities necessary to be a successful grown up. With the future adult in mind, parenting decisions are proactive instead of reactive which alleviates a lot of stress and conflict.

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