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WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS, learn how to juggle.

A simple yet powerful psychotherapy approach to achieve the results you want most.

Here's how it works;


General Check-In

A general yet critical check-in to understand what brings you to therapy and why now? What’s not working? What do you wish was different? What are you hoping to accomplish?


Operating System

Next we check in on your operating system. Our operating systems are made up of four programs that run outside of our awareness and are responsible for our behavior and our feelings of well being.



Find the Glitch

Once we understand your operating system, we can identify which one of the programs is not working perfectly. Now we know where we need to focus our work.


Get to Work

We create a plan to help you fix what isn’t working. By making internal changes to your operating system you will be able to make the external changes necessary to create the life you want.


Every moment is created by the networks in your brain. Are you ready to choose powerful networks?

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