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About Jamie Wasserman

We often seek therapy in hopes of finding a solution to a problem we can’t quite solve on our own. Reaching out to a stranger for help with deeply personal things can make you feel exposed and vulnerable. It is very important to remember that, deep down, we’re all basically the same. We feel great, we feel like crap, we have anxiety, we feel unlovable, worthless, alone, and, for some reason, we feel we need to keep these feelings tucked away. Variations of a similar human experience.

I look at the therapeutic process as an opportunity to learn about yourself so you can take control of your internal world and architect your own experience. I believe people can solve their problems while becoming their own biggest ally, preparing to move forward in their own special ways.  


Being a person is hard, and having good mental health takes effort and persistence, no one should have to navigate it all on their own. My sessions are active, focused, fun, and always goal oriented. I not only focus on your current challenges, I share the tools I have collected over 35 years so you are equipped to solve your future problems independently.


You are the solution to your problems.
Let me guide you to become your own
mini shrink.

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